The HookahUp!

A prospect will blindly choose a date from a pool of randomly selected people who mix and mingle in a Hookah Lounge. At midnight the crowd is divided into two groups, male and female, and a raffle takes place to choose a prospect and three contestants. The prospect and three potential hook ups are then hidden from each other for a 20 minute Q&A to determine who he or she will choose for a potential hook up.

After the selection the host will introduce the couple face-to-face and then take a vote from the contestants to determine whether they will hook up, hang out, or go home! 

If the couple agrees to hookup, they win a grand prize. If not, they get a drink tab good for the rest of the evening. If one chooses to "hang out" and the other chooses to "Go home" the one who chooses to hang out recieves a drink tab and the one who chooses to go home is rejected from the venue. If they both choose to "Go Home" they are both rejected from the venue and receive nothing!

Participants are not allowed to ask questions about names, age, occupation, income, race, religion or nationality. Otherwise, anything goes! AND WE DO MEAN ANYTHING!

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A Reality Dating Game Show